Winchester 97 Additional Disssembly Procedures
For further disassembly of All Models

Written by Marauder SASS #13056

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5. Remove the carrier stop screw. 6. Disengage breech bolt (40) from action slide hook (30) by unscrewing action slide hook screw (37). See Note if screw is "stuck."
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7. Continue disassembly by removing carrier pin stop screw (69) and drifting out carrier pin (50).

To remove the carrier, cock the hammer and remove the carrier from the loading port in the bottom.
If needed, use use put a screwdriver through the ejection port and gently push the carrier down.

8. Then remove the bolt out the back by gently pulling and pushing to allow the action slide hook to release and fall out the bottom. Then remove the bolt from the back of the receiver.

9. Other disassembly of the model 1897 may be accomplished by first removing the 2 butt-plate screws (79) and the buttplate (80) (not shown).

Using a long-shanked screwdriver, remove the buttstock bolt (47) and buttstock washer (48).
Then with a flat-nosed punch, drift out trigger pin (24). Remove guard bow (44) and assembly from back end of receiver. Tapping with a wodden block may be needed.

10. Reassemble Model 1897 in reverse order.
When reassembling trigger (43) and trigger spring (46), use a piece of smooth nail (A) as a temporary trigger pin. Cut nail to width of guard bow (44) as shown.

When this assembly is replaced in receiver and trigger pin re-inserted, it will drive out nail. This assembly knack will facilitate operation.

Note: Leadpumper noted that sometimes this action slide hook screw (37) is fixed with adhesive !!! Some imported guns have this. You can damage the action slide hook screw (37), if you unscrew it with bad tools or too much force!! So if this is the case, use a heat gun (like a super HOT hair drier) and warm up the breech bolt from the carrier underside. You need about 350 įF - No hotter than needed for release - Donít use (gas) flame as you will destroy the surface from carrier and breech bolt!
Following clean the thread of the screw and the thread inside of the breech bolt. When you assemble the action slide hook screw (37), you MAY use only a small drop of adhesive at the outside of the screw head. I don't use any adhesive on mine at all.

This is as far as you normally need to disassemble for cleaning, etc.

For Assembly Instructions Go Here

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