Winchester 97 Parts Diagram

Model 97 Parts Diagram
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Winchester Model 1897 Parts List

1. Barrel42. Firing pin lock
2. Magazine band bushing43. Trigger
3. Magazine band bushing screw (2)44. Guard bow
4. Magazine band45. Trigger stop screw
5. Extension46. Trigger spring
6. Adjusting sleeve47. Buttstock bolt
7. Barrel chamber ring48. Buttstock bolt washer
8. Adjusting sleeve lock screw49. Receiver shank
9. Adjusting sleeve lock50. Carrier pin
10. Magazine plug screw (2)51. Receiver
11. Magazine plug52. Ejector spring **
12. Magazine locking pin53. Ejector spring screw
13. Magazine locking pin spring54. Barrel chamber ring retaining screw (2)
14. Magazine plug stop55. Sear spring screw
15. Action slide sleeve screw stop56. Sear spring
16. Action slide spring57. Cartridge guide rivet
17. Action slide58. Cartridge guide
18. Magazine tube59. Mainspring
19. Magazine follower60. Mainspring pin
20. Magazine Spring61. Cartridge guide friction spring
21. Action slide lock release plunger pin spring62. Hammer pin
22. Action slide lock release plunger pin63. Action slide lock release plunger
23. Cartridge guide stop screw64. Sear pin
24. Trigger pin65. Sear *
25. Cartridge stop spring (2)66. Hammer stirrup pin
26. Left cartridge stop67. Hammer stirrup
27. Right cartridge stop68. Carrier
28. Cartridge stop screw, left69. Carrier pin stop screw
29. Cartridge stop screw, right70. Action slide lock spring *
30. Action Slide Hook71. Action slide lock
31. Firing pin lock screw72. Action slide lock joint pin stop screw
32. Extractor, left **73. Action slide lock joint pin
33. Extractor pin, left74. Action slide lock spring screw
34. Extractor plunger, right75. Mainspring strain screw
35. Extractor plunger spring, right76. Ejector pin
36. Extractor, right **77. Extension stop screw
37. Action slide hook screw78. Front sight
38. Firing pin lock spring79. Buttplate screw (2)
39. Firing pin stop pin80. Buttplate
40. Breach bolt81. Hammer *
41. Firing pin

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