Winchester 87 Takedown Procedures

Written by Stepnmud SASS #33546

After shooting several hundred rounds of blackpowder loads at three CAS matches and some practice sessions, I figured it was time to dis-assemble this shotgun for a first time clean-up and first time for me to take apart.
The 1887 is the Coyote Cap '06 and reference reading from "Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West" by David R. Chicone.

1.) Completely open the lever and use needle-nose pliers to compress the main spring, then remove mainspring backwards through the hammer slot in the breech-block.

Step 1

Step 2

2.) Remove the left & right carrier screws and the carrier will lift up through the top of the gun.

Remove carrier screws

The shotgun shell is a dummy round and used in picture for visual aid.

Step 4a

3.)Push out the breech-block pin and remove the breech-block.

Breech-block pin and breech-block

This last picture shows the mainspring re-installed with the hammer and breech-block pin.

Mainspring installed

To re-assemble. Reverse the order and when installing the carrier sides, hold the carrier sides loosely together and slip them the receiver from the top, till the carrier holes line up in with receiver screw holes. Light pressure on the trigger might be needed to get the carrier holes to line up.Worked for me.

Make or buy a pin that matches the Breech block pin to make the act of taking apart and putting back together again an easy one. I tried it without this for one time only.The pin should be made about .025 shy of the width of the breech block with rounded edges.

1887 Parts Diagram

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