Rossi Dissembly Instructions

1. Unscrew the tang screw and remove the butt stock.

2. Slowly pull back the hammer until the small hole in the main spring rod is visible in the 'V' of the main spring rod block. Insert a pin or needle into the hole to retain the main spring.

3. Remove the bolt pin stop screw.

4. Drive out the bolt pin from the right side.

5. Swing down the lever and open the bolt. Be careful not to lose the ejector, ejector spring, and ejector collar. These will protrude from the front of the bolt assembly. Carefully remove these parts from the front of the bolt.

6. Remove the locking bolt stop pin screw from the left locking bolt. 7. Remove the locking bolt pin.

8. Remove the lever:

9. Remove the hammer/lower tang screw.

10. Place your index finger on the rear of the lower tang. Compress the trigger with your thumb, and remove the lower tang by pulling straight back from the receiver.

11. Remove the hammer assembly.

12. Remove the bolt assembly.

13. Remove the two carrier screws and remove the carrier.

14. Reassemble in the reverse order. Assembling the bolt, ejector, and lever is difficult. ** Proceed as follows:

14.1. With the bolt in the open position, insert the lever.

14.2. Insert the assembled ejector, ejector spring, and ejector collar into the front of the bolt.

14.3. Ensure the ejector is aligned properly, then close the bolt.

14.4. Press forward on the lever to seat it completely into the receiver.

14.5. Align the holes in the bolt and lever with the pin hole in the receiver, and insert the bolt pin.

Instructions - Compliments of Eight Bits

** Note: to more easily assemble the bolt area, use a dummy shell.
Place empty cartridge on boltface so it helps hold ejector etc in place,
Slide bolt into receiver and just start the dummy round into the chamber.
This allows more room to work the lever into position and holds everything in place.

Phinneas Flimflam

The above photo shows the assembled bolt with a spent cartridge used to hold the ejector spring compressed and all parts in the correct orientation. The spent cartridge holds everything together and allows the bolt to slide into the chamber so you can more easily install the lever to the bolt. Be careful as the cartridge has a tendency to slip and cause parts to fly around the room.

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