Rossi 92 Diagram
Model 66 Parts Diagram

Rossi 92 Parts List
Key # Description Key # Description
1 Receiver/Frame33 Trigger Sprin
2 Barrel34 Trigger Spring Screw
3 Rear Sight Assembly W/ Elevator     35 Trigger
3A  Rear Sight Elevator36 Trigger Pin
4 Front Sight37 Mainspring, Rifle
5 Front Sight Screw38 Mainspring Screw
6 Tang Plug Screw, Upper39 Mainspring Strain Screw
7 Forend Tip Tenon40 Locking Bolt, Right
8 Magazine Ring41 Locking Bolt, Left
9 Magazine Ring Pin42 Locking Bolt Pin
10 Forearm Tip 43 Locking Bolt Pin Screw
10A Forearm44 Finger Lever
11 Forearm Tip Screw (2 Req'd)45 Friction Stud
12 Magazine Tube46 Friction Stud Spring
13 Magazine Spring47 Friction Stud Stop Pin
14 Magazine Tube Plug48 Carrier
15 Magazine Plug Screw49 Carrier Stop
16 Magazine Follower49 Carrier Stop
17 Lever & Breech Bolt Pin50 Carrier Stop Spring
17 Spring Cover51 Carrier Stop Pin
18 Spring Cover Screw52 Carrier Screw (2 Req'd)
19 Cartridge Guide, Left53 Lever & Breech Block Pin Hole Plug Screw
20 Cartridge Stop54 Butt Stock
21 Cartridge Stop Joint Pin55 Butt Plate
22 Cartridge Stop Spring56 Butt Plate screw
23 Cartridge Guide Screw Breech Bolt
24 Cartridge Guide, Right Extractor
25 Rear Tang Sight Screw Extractor Pin
25 Tang Screw, Upper Firing Pin
26 Breech Bolt Assembly Firing Pin Stop Pin
28 Hammer Ejector
29 Hammer Stirrup Ejector, Replacement
30 Hammer Stirrup Pin Ejector Spring
31 Hammer Screw Ejector Collar
32 Lower TangI Ejector Spring Stop
57Magazine Band & Screw - 57aJ Ejector Sprint Stop pins

For Parts, two good sources are:

M&M Gunsmithing
204 S Union St Alexandria, VA 22314-3326
(703) 739-2150

Steve Young aka Nate Kiowa Jones Sass# 6765
Steve's Guns Rossi 92 Specialists
4525 Alamosa st.
Port Arthur TX 77642
Tel: 409-984-5473

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