Shotgun Hints
Here's some information that may help you with yer scatter guns.
How do you take apart yer Winchester 97?

For TakeDown or Solid Frame Versions
What about all those 97 parts?
Shooting an Old Double Shotgun
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Tune the Baikel/Spartan Double
What about the Marlin Shotguns?
Slicking Up the Stoeger SXS
Including Parts Diagram
Number of Visits
97 Takedown versus Solid Frame
1897 Versions and Changes
1897 Manufacture Dates
Some 97 Tune-up Hints
Stevens 311  SXS
Strenthen the Stoeger SXS to avoid Misfires
Reducing Shotgun Recoil
A guide to a shotgun for a Lady
How do you take apart yer Winchester 87?

Shotgun Side Match Comparison